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Buy Closing the Hotel Kitchen, Bohm's newest

poetry volume, at Amazon or West End Press



Praise for Closing thre Hotel Kitchen


I've never read anything like thids:  Part fivction, part   chronicle, a book-length poem - the  narrator's voice that of a generation "in search of a form that might give it meaning."  These astounding poems gain their momentum from an accumulation of unresolved images from from his childhood, the denied past and the wars of youth (WW2, the Cold War, Vietnam) - all this a prelude to what's coming, the relentless violent betrayals of a society and government that changed us permanently into "adults," disconnected from what we once wanted and thought and believed. Bohm's stunning language and brilliant poetics are a match fort his vision.  The impetus here is nothing less than to be a midwife of this necessary birth.  This is a guide to a whole new way to write.

-- Sharon Doubiago, author of Hard Country, Love in the Streets My Father's Love


What always struct about Robert Bohm is that he thinks about poetry.  Not just what he's trying to express - although he does that with aplomb - but what the poem is, where it lives, what it does in the world.  He doesn't just give us a memoir with line breaks, he gives us the past's doorknobs, signals and core.  Fine poets are more common than most give credit for, and thank goodness for thatr, but poetry's great thinkers are much rarer, which makes Bohm's work incredibly vital

-- Victor D. Infante, author of City of Insomnia


Bohm's Closing the Hotel Kitchen is full of quiet anger that burns like white phosphorous.  There is no turning away from these poems and no forgiveness.  They relentlessly catch us off guard and the voices hold us - tugging at our sleeves and forcing us to see their awful truths.  These are essential poems of our moment. 

-- Gerald McCarthy, author of Trouble Light