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A year or two ago we had a blizzard on March 13 or 14. Not this year. Pure spring, warm sun, ground wet/muddy with thaw, the bushes along Big Pond Trail beginning to leaf, a dog on its back in a dumpster’s shade by the city Acme close to Trolley Square, on Front St. 3 men in soiled jackets walking near old brick warehouses toward the Christina River.

The headlines:


“Bombs Kill Dozens in Iraq”

“Lobbyists, Lawmakers Try To Look Less Cozy”

“Temperature To Hit Almost 70”

-- thaw, spring, growth.


The idea of growth. We grow more food by cultivating more land on which to use new agribusiness technology (new ventilators for grain bins, self-guiding tractors equipped with stereo vision cameras mounted on the front, genetically engineered seeds, etc.) while simultaneously “growing” more manufacturing products through high-tech, greater efficiency (fewer workers per factory but more work per worker) and the increasing use university campuses as corporate research and development laboratories. Meanwhile, in one of the many ironies of growth, droughts intensify and water availability diminishes as an ever higher percentage of the planet’s water supply is diverted to industrial uses and agribusiness. Water scarcity also is abetted by other trends like deforestation. Troubling enough in themselves, such facts become even more unsettling when we examine them from the perspective of interconnectivity. More than a decade ago -- and the situation has grown worse -- Vandana Shiva wrote, “The water crisis contributes to 34.6 per cent of all child deaths in the Third World. Each year, 5,000,000 children die of diarrhoeal diseases.” Once uncomprehended epidemics wiped out populations. Now we understand the epidemics because we create them ourselves.


Last July one afternoon Che Prasad and I stood in rainsoaked grass and watched monkeys roaming across branches and on the ground in hilly jungle in central Maharashtra. Nothing seems scarce when you’re in the midst of it. The smell of rain and vegetation, a hint of abundance. But realism is arduous and not always immediately verifiable. One must see not only what is there but also what isn’t there as well as what might be in order to achieve clarity. Yet over-imagining the possible can be as self-defeating as not imagining it at all.


As I held him, Che Prasad yelled at an aggressive blackfaced monkey who’d jumped to the ground and was about to take a chapati from a young monkey, “That’s not your food, it’s his!”

The reprimanded monkey, tilting its head, eyed us, then screeched at another large monkey and chased it into a tree.


The little monkey finished the chapati.


After dark we ate supper on a small verandah sheltered by an overhanging roof. The sound of light rain tapping leaves eulogized everything that disappears.


The white bindweed petal falls
toward the ground
like a cabbage butterfly’s wing fluttering
where the trail turns

south and thighs, not “made
of light” but almost, squeeze my head, dragging
it to where I finally hear
the petal hit the ground as you, moaning
more definitively than

meaning has a right to, hold on,
like me, for dear life -- and so,
in spite of the fly-swarmed raccoon
corpse behind us
on the trail, we happily

squirm on the ground, in love
with words made
from weeds



Photo: The Verb as Flesh


Working on poem ("Uz Um War Moan Ode") but yesterday and today took some time off to do 3 decals. Will upload below.


Decal: Independence Day / 6" x 7"

Text next to red arrow pointing toward tiny Uncle Sam figure top right: "Uncle Sam beating his meat."

Text under black arrow pointing to white line on flag: "The empty space where all the now dead Apache, Sioux and Seminoles used to be."

Marks at top left of dildo: the first and last letters of Arabic alphabet.

Four names on bottom red line of flag: Bush, Biden, Kerry, Cheney.

Everything else should be legible.


Decal: Free Fireworks / 6.5" x 5"

Smaller orange text on decal's right side:

Remember: Empires don't last. Our time is almost up. Other nations are rising. Our wars and lies have left us with few friends.


Decal: Two Ditties / 7.5" x 4"


1. (we good folks)

After my veggies grow
in the dead enemy's asshole
I boil them in water
then eat them from soupbowl

We is good people
We make war on the terror
We look oh so cool
in the Apple Queen's mirror

2. (uncle sammy’s wisdom)

All girls is whores
Git em behind closed doors
Throw em on they backs
Fuck em while screamin’


Decal: Electric Phantom / 8" x 8"

Word with red arrow inserted in very top line is "cluttered".

Text in red bubble (first stanza of Mr. Sandman song):

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream;
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen.
Give him two lips like roses in clover,
And tell him that his lonesome nights are over.

Text with arrow pointing toward yellow Pacman figures top left: "Pacmen cheerleaders".

Lavender text with red arrow pointing toward toilet bowl on bottom right: "The toilet bowl through which the U.S. shits on the world".

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