Humanoid robotic Sophia has moved into the art world with a music job and an NFT sale, which got to practically $700,000

Sophia, a humanoid robot, is reportedly beginning a song job after offering an NFT for $688,888 last month.

“We’re so fired up regarding Sophia’s career as an artist,” David Hanson, primary exec at Hanson Robots, told The Associated Press.

The robot has typically made headings. Earlier this year, its designers told Reuters they prepared it for mass manufacturing during the pandemic. It’s also brought in critics, consisting of an AI researcher who called its technology a”fraud.” Last month, Sophia helped develop an item of digital art that offered as a non-fungible token for $688,888, per the AP.

” I hope individuals like my job, and also the human beings, as well as I, can work together in new and interesting methods moving forward,” Sophia informed Reuters.

Below’s how the robot explained her artistic procedure: “We utilize transformer network engines in my art and also various other kinds of computational creative thinking. My algorithms outcome one-of-a-kind patterns that never existed in the world prior to. So I think the makers can be creative.”

The robot’s”Sophia Pop” music job is next, Hanson said. The robot will”collaborate” with artists, helping create both songs and also verses for the project.

Sophia’s music abilities have actually been on display screens before. In 2018, the robotic sang a duet with Jimmy Fallon on”The Tonight Show.” The evaluations were mixed.

Based in Hong Kong, Hanson Robotics had actually been iterating on its Sophia design considering that introducing it in 2016. The robot has appeared at conferences, damaged hearts, as well as talked with press reporters, including several interviews with Insider.

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