‘Knocked Up’ actress Charlyne Yi calls James Franco a’sex-related predator,’ accuses Seth Rogen of enabling him

Charlyne Yi, the actress that appeared together with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up, is calling him out for”making it possible for” his close friend and frequent co-star James Franco.

Considering that 2018, numerous females have charged Franco of having acted wrongly with them. 5 of them told the Los Angeles Times in January of that year that Franco had been what the newspaper termed”sexually exploitative” with them, while they were students at his acting school. Two recalled him blowing up when women wouldn’t go partially nude, as well as a 3rd claimed that, during a nude orgy scene, he”removed protective plastic guards covering other starlet’ vaginal areas while imitating oral sex on them.” Two of the women submitted lawsuits against the actor. Franco called the claims”incorrect and inflammatory,” and the claims were worked out in February.

Rogen and also Franco have actually been notoriously friends since they co-starred in the TELEVISION show Freaks and also Geeks, which debuted in 1999. They took place to make lots of films together, consisting of Pineapple Express in 2008 and, in 2017, the film The Calamity Musician.

Yi, that also showed up in The Calamity Artist, stated Thursday that she had attempted to break her agreement and leave that movie due to the fact that she”didn’t feel risk-free dealing with a f ****** sexual predator.” She said that people tried to”approach me with a larger acting duty.”

She blamed individuals for minimizing Franco’s actions.

“Enablers,” she stated,”are equally as toxic and are abusers too.”

Neither Franco neither Rogen, who were both manufacturers on that particular movie, reacted to Yahoo Home entertainment’s demand for comment.

Yi kept in mind in the caption that April is Sexual Offense Awareness Month, however”it actually needs to be something men educate themselves concerning their whole life and discover exactly how to be there & & safeguard ladies, nonbinary, trans, etc—– who are targeted.”

She also stated Wednesday that a person of Rogen’s other pals, who arranges occasions raising recognition regarding residential abuse, asked her to share her”misuse story,” due to the fact that males need to hold males responsible for their activities. Yi stated he ghosted her after she asked him why he wasn’t holding Rogen accountable.

“Awaiting guys (esp white men) to appear and do the work,” Yi created.

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